I am just another rando with a beard out on the trail. I am no expert or athlete. I have loved spending time in the outdoors since I was a kid and am comfortable and confident alone in the woods, but I have never received any official training regarding these activities.

I am very at peace and happy in the wild. In the process of adventuring, honing self taught skills, and refining my equipment kit, I have learned some things along the way. This site is intended to share basic knowledge and my amateur opinions in the hopes that it will help some hiker, at some level, some time.

Though the idea of a hiking blog is narcissistic in its very nature, I log information here as a service to myself as well; this website is full of information that I can reference at anytime, from anywhere. Of course, having visitors and friends drop by is comforting and encouraging, so I try to add some entertainment value to what I post here.

Creating this website is a learning process for me, and a great labor of love. I sincerely thank you for checking out my page and hope you enjoy!

1993 Turtle Island Preserve Wilderness Camp

1999 Eagle Scout

2012 Mountains to Sea Trail (MST)  – 961 miles / 41 days

2017 Florida Trail (FT) – 1101 miles / 51 days

2018 – 2019 Eastern Continental Trail (ECT) – 4865.6 miles / 246 days

2021 – Mountains to Seat Trail (MST) – 1175 miles / 43 days