noun (informal): equipment that is used for a particular purpose.

From your socks to your tent to your toothbrush, every item that you use on the trail is considered “gear”. Whether you have purchased brand new, top of the line, situation-specific pieces, inherited a 40 year old, tried and true backpack, or designed and built your own shelter, the gear you choose to use becomes a part of you out in the wild.

I began camping as a child and honed my outdoor skills through summer camps, primitive survival courses, and Boy Scouts. I began true thru hiking in my 30’s. My first thru hike, on the Mountains to Sea Trail, saw me lose my old external frame backpack and begin my foray into the Ultra Light Backpacking movement. Over the past few years, I’ve spent countless hours researching gear manufacturers, specialty fabrics and alloys, and new technology. Whenever I am able, I try to acquire a new piece of interesting outdoor equipment that I think might improve my gear set up.

I have been undergoing a continuous transition, constantly trying out lighter and more specialized gear and purging pieces that have become antiquated and no longer see actual trail time.

The following are my humble reviews of gear I have used or wish to use on the trail; based on my actual experience or in depth research:




First Aid







Sleep System






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