Liquid Fuel

Here are a couple of the readily available liquid fuels I’ve used and liked (or not):

Coleman Premium Blend Fuel

  • More affordable
  • Easy to carry and pour bottle
  • Coleman has a good reputation
  • Questionable plastic bottle
  • Not as “Pure”

Good old Coleman fuel with spiffy new branding! Coleman’s fuel works in both their stoves and lanterns, and is compatible with any liquid fuel burning stove.
This is a great option if you are on a budget.



MSR Super Fuel

  • Designed to improve stove performance, with fewer cleanings and less maintenance
  • Clean-burning; tested to be 100 percent pure
  • Reduced clogging with no dyes or additives to solidify and cause clogs
  • Made in USA
  • More expensive than competitors

MSR SuperFuel is the highest-performance white gas on the market, more refined and cleaner-burning than any comparable fuel and unmatched for reducing clogs, cleanings, and maintenance with no dyes or additives to solidify and hamper performance.

If you are going to invest in a nice liquid fuel stove, you should probably treat it nice and feed it the highest quality fuel available.





MSR Fuel Bottle

  • Fuel bottles designed to accept threads on MSR fuel pumps and come with leak-proof, push and twist caps
  • These fuel bottles handle necessary pressurization to efficiently operate MSR liquid fuel stoves
  • Multiple sizes: 11oz, 20oz and 30oz
  • Also great for carrying extra fuel for your motorcycle, scooter, chainsaws and for disaster preparedness situations
  • More expensive
  • Metal bottles are bulky and heavy

You’ve got to have a good substantial bottle to carry your desired amount of liquid fuel with you. Multiple sizes for different situations

These bottles are durable, brand specific, and coordinate well with the other red items in your repertoire. The threading inside the neck is designed to work perfectly with all MSR pumps, fuel lines, and generators.








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