DIY Aluminum Windscreen

How to make your own highly functional windscreen for cheap:






DIY Caldera-style Cone windscreen

How to make your own highly functional Caldera-style Cone windscreen for cheap:





Suluk46 Titanium Windscreen –   $25 – $29



Material: .003″ Titanium
3 Sizes: Small: 4″ Diameter x 3 1/2″ Tall
Medium: 5″ Diameter x 4″ Tall
Large: 6″ Diameter x 4 1/2″ Tall

Yes, you could use the designs in the videos above and create a DIY windscreen for cheap that would do just as good a job blocking at wind, but you would have to build multiple sizes to fit different pots. Plus, this one is made from titanium and is spot-welded on a clean seam.

Sure, you could buy a sheet of titanium and build your own DIY version of this design, but a sheet of titanium is almost as expensive as this professionally made one that is spot-welded and looks perfect.

The ultralight, super sturdy design simply curls up into itself for easy storage inside your cooking vessel.

I ordered the wrong diameter and felt the need to size up. I contacted the owner/designer/builder and he was super helpful and made the exchange happen, no problem.





Suluk46 Anuri Titanium Adjustable Windscreen – $29


Material: .003″ Titanium

Same sturdy ultralight material, improved design; the Suluk 46 adjustable windscreen may be the only one you ever need on solo trips. It uses its vent holes as adjustment tabs to take on the size of most any vessel in your kit.

Curls up and disappears inside your pot when you’re done with dinner.








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